About Us

Company Overview

A leading professional service solutions company, Applied Integrated Technologies, Inc. (AIT) is dedicated to providing specialized services in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, Intel Analysis, and Linguist Services market. By combining a strong background in systems engineering and IT solutions with experienced operational analysts and linguists, AIT is able to assist our customers by implementing creative and innovative solutions. We do this by utilizing the latest technological advancements and proven methodologies to support our customers’ specific mission requirements. Established in August 2001, AIT is a small business that develops large business solutions while maintaining an agile and responsive approach.  Headquartered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, AIT is rapidly expanding throughout the United States and overseas, currently supporting customers in Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Washington, Oregon and various overseas locations.

Our Vision is to provide each and every customer with high quality, value-added support services that allow us to forge long term mutually beneficial customer relationships. To achieve our vision, the company has developed industry, community and academic alliances that help us attract and retain highly skilled and qualified management and technical professionals who understand that Integrity, Commitment, Service, and Excellence are essential to exceeding customer expectations.